Welcome to our exclusive membership program!

We are always thrilled to be having new members onboard with us. To join our exciting membership program, you would have to make a single purchase of minimum S$250,which entitles you to become our lifetime member.

As a member, you are entitled to a range of benefits designed to enhance your shopping experience with us:

  1. Lifetime Membership: Your membership is valid for a lifetime,ensuring you can continue to enjoy the perks and privileges for years to come
  2. 20% Discount On All Purchases: As a token of appreciation, you will receive a 10% discount on every purchase you make from our store and website. The discount is applicable on all preorders (you can see more of our preorders on our instagrams, @thelittleflowerpreorders and @flowerattheendoftherainbow). This exclusive discount is our way of expressing gratitude for your ongoing support.
  3. Additonal 10% Birthday Month Bonus: We believe birthdays should be celebrated in style. During your birthday month, you will receive an additional 10% discount on all your purchases and preorders, for the whole month. You will get that special discount for any purchase, everyday of your birthday month. A birthday discount code will be emailed to you and you can use it for the whole of your birthday month! This birthday discount is not limited to just a single purchase only. It is our special treat to make your birthday month even more memorable.

How to activate your membership

  1. Register with us and a discount code will be emailed to you upon registration.Enter the code when making payment at the checkout page.
  2. We will email your membership status confirmation within 1 to 2 working days of registration. Once membership activation is confirmed, you can enjoy all the benefits of a member.
  3. For subsequent purchase, member discount will be automatically activated upon log in.
  4. You will also enjoy your member discount when making purchases in our physical store and instagrams. Do quote your name and contact numbers when making payment in store. For ordering preorders on our instagrams, you can PM us to let us know which design you wish to order, quote your name and contact numbers to let us know that you are a member and we will calculate the prices after discount to you before any payment is made.

For customers who become members in our physical store or on instagrams, do register your profiles on our homepage and we will email you once your membership has been activated online within 1 to 2 working days upon registration. Once your membership has been activated online, you can enjoy your member discount upon log in.